ACA 2015: Human-Computer Algebra Interaction

Welcome to the special session on Human-Computer Algebra Interaction of the conference Applications of Computer Algebra 2015!
This session explores how humans interact with computer algebra software to solve problems in applications and research. The topics for presentations include software to support cooperative work in computer algebra, mathematical experimentation, specialized user interfaces and hardware to increase productivity, such as software wizards, mobile devices, and pen-based input, and applications to artificial intelligence. The session intersects with the 2009 session on Applications of Math Software to Mathematical Research and the 2005 session on Pen-Based Mathematical Computing.

Session Organizers

Call for Contributions

If you want to suggest a speaker, please contact the session organizer by e-mail. If you want to give a talk yourself, please include a title and a one-page abstract with your e-mail to the session organizer.


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